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are you a mario fan? i am too. here you can find all the best images of super mario (c) from nintendo. plese enjoy your stay!
CREATOR OF WEBSITE: Savannah Berthelot ( do not make fun of the last name, it is not castlevania. )
~~~ Who am I? ~~~
i am savannah berthelot but call me yurrie or cybershell, i am mario's biggest fan. revently it's been hard for me to find the best images of mario. it's cluttered with mario hate and bad images of mario. this upsets me. that is why i made this webstie! 2 share with you my more favorite and the best images of the red plumber we all love. his name is mario. please enjoy. no bullying whatsoever i want this community to be nice thank you!
~~ What to expect? ~~~
expect mostly images of super mario but as the image above hints to i will also ocasionally have images of luigi but do not come here for luigi it is for the main bro mari-o. that kinda rhymed x3 but yes expect mostly marios while i do enjoy luigi it' for mario. luigi has good images but mario is the one filled with hate and mallice. ok thank you!
~~~ Let's play a game!!!! ~~~
on the upper page where the marios scroll, try to grab a mario! it'll be fun! if you get mario 64 mario, nintendo power clay mario, mario party ds mario, you get 1 point. running mario or ref mario, you get 5 points!!
~~~ Now, time for some Marios. ~~~
~~~ Mario Dancing!! ~~~
you heard that right it's mario. freaking. dancing. heck yes! ( pardon the frecnh, i can't help myself!!! ) experience him!!
~~~ Really cool videos. ~~~
watch this really cool video!!!!!
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